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5 Ways to Remove Pet Hair from (Almost) Anything


Removing Pet Hair

Pet owners know what a pain it is to deal with pet hair all over their home. There are gadgets and gizmos in every store promising to banish pet hair but in reality, most are costly and really don’t work any better than some of these tips using items you already have in your home. Read on and try them out for yourselves. We would love to hear your thoughts too so feel free to comment below!

How to Remove Pet Hair From Furniture, Carpets and Clothing

Take a barely damp, clean sponge or microfiber cloth and run it over your furniture. The hair will ball right up.  A slightly damp, clean sponge mop will remove pet hair on carpets as well when your vacuum is just not cutting it.

A rubber broom or squeegee will remove hair from furniture and carpets quickly and effectively. Lightly spritz the area with a 50/50 vinegar and water solution to help with the removal process and odor control.

Traditional rubber gloves (not latex) dampened with a bit of water or vinegar and water solution  will easily remove pet hair from couches, chairs, carpets, bedding, etc. Simply rub area covered in hair until it balls up then toss. Works great on clothing too! Gloves can be rinsed, sanitized and reused as needed.

Release your inner child and blow up some balloons and rub them on pet hair covered furniture and clothing. The static will collect the hair from the surface and on to the balloon.

Rub a dryer sheet to release the hair from any surface then brush away.


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  1. Not sure my first comment went through.

    These are great tips. I do the damp washcloth one. I’m going to look into getting a rubber broom.

    I have 2 cats and a dog so the hair is just rediculous.

      • Yes, the rubber broom works well on floors but I find damp anything works best on cloth of any kind. However, vinyl and leather not so good. I’ve got 3 Jack Russells all of who shed a tremendous amount all year around even after bathing and haircuts every month. What’s a fur-mommy to do! Any recommendations for vacuum cleaners that pick up dog hairs the best?

  2. When we had dogs (and they were high-shed dogs, too) we used lint brushes or the vacuum – or even one of those special “dog” brushes. I had never considered using a squeegee or rubber broom with vinegar to clean it up.

  3. These are great tips. I’m going to try them all! I hope Abbie’s fun isn’t so deep into the sofa that it won’t come out. Any idea how to get the odor out? It’s not urine, it’s saliva. Thanks.

  4. We have a cat and a dog and pet hair seems to be stuck to everything we own. Even vacuuming seems to have little effect. I’ll definitely have to try the vinegar/water solution and rubber broom.

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