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Spring Cleaning Reminders


Spring Cleaning Reminders

Teresa’s Family Cleaning, a commercial and residential cleaning company based out of Rocky Point, NY, gives Long Islanders some tips on their spring cleaning chores.

Spring Cleaning SIGNRocky Point, NY March 4th, 2013–  Long Island’s Teresa’s Family Cleaning has some spring cleaning reminders to ensure that important tasks don’t get overlooked in the midst of your spring fever. Deep cleanings can happen all year round, but, according to Teresa Ward, President of  Teresa’s Family Cleaning, “spring is a favorite season for most people to do their first really deep cleaning of the year. They can throw open the windows and get a little bit of fresh air. To keep a home healthy, it really helps to air it out.”

Thanks to our snowy winter, most people have been walking through de-icing agents for months and now is the time to address that issue. “People should focus on their carpets,” says Ward. “All of those chemicals that make it easier to walk outside end up getting tracked into the house where you’re going to be walking bare foot in the coming months. To keep your home safe for you, your kids and your pets, a deep carpet cleaning is a great idea this spring. Vacuuming will help with surface dirt, but to ensure that you’ve gotten all of those chemicals out, a professional cleaning is a must.”

Pressure Washing the exterior of your home as well as a thorough exterior window cleaning, is also another Spring Cleaning chore homeowners tend to overlook. Mainly because of the labor involved to attempt this on their own.  Calling a professional to do these two tasks, will save the homeowner time and aggravation, as well as increase the life of their exterior home structures, and increase the value of the home too, simply because of the “curb appeal” of a clean home.  Read more about the benefits of pressure washing by clicking here.

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Teresa’s Family Cleaning also recommends that when looking to hire a cleaning company, you ask about their green cleaning options. Teresa’s offers a chemical free cleaning that is particularly attractive to people with certain sensitivities. “A lot of our customers have been requesting our green cleaning services. Cancer patients, people that have asthma and those that are sensitive to other volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) can have issues with standard cleaning products,” Ward explains. “By offering green, and chemical free cleaning, which uses no other cleaning agents except water in different forms, we give people the opportunity to have a deeply cleaned home, without putting their health at risk. We think it’s important to care for the environment as well as your family, but there’s no need to sacrifice real clean for either.” For additional information regarding Teresa’s Family Cleaning, their services or charitable donations, please  Contact: Teresa’s Family Cleaning 631 744 4021 www.teresasfamilycleaning.com


    • Yes we do. H2O is its chemical properties. But in our society most people think of a chemical as that which when ingested or breathed in will do us severe harm, water is not as harmful to us as most over the counter “chemicals” are. That is why we offer our a specialized cleaning with steam, and electrolyzed water as a safer option to standard cleaning products.

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